Co-passenger in cab makes polite small talk.

Picks up phone, unlocks screen.

Hardcore porn begins to play, at full volume.

After ten seconds that feel like an eternity, fellow manages to switch it off.

Very human mistake only, but now I’d rather just listen to my music and stew in uncomfortable silence.

But brave-heart that he is, dudebro initiates small talk. The fact that his cab passenger now knows about what tickles his innermost fancies in five minutes, be damned.

Tries to ask me how to spell my name so he can find me on Facebook.
Tell him I don’t add strangers, sorry.
Asks me for number so we can “hangout in HSR layout”.
Tell him I’m a nomad who doesn’t believe in homes, and instead crash on people’s couches, and today I just happened to be in HSR.

He looks confused, poor guy.


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